Track Title: Numb

Artist: Marina and the Diamonds

Album: The Family Jewels


numb // marina and the diamonds

and i’ll light up the sky
stars that burn the brightest
fall so fast and pass you by
cough like empty lighters


sending friends sad otp songs and waiting for them to get upset like



Castle S6 bloopers, thanks to CastleInsanity.

Terra’s Endless List of Favourite Films →  Space Jam (1996)
You see these aliens come from outer space and they wanna make us slaves for their theme park. Eh, what do we care? They’re little, so we challenge them to a basketball game! But then they show up and they ain’t so little… they’re huge! We need to beat these guys, ‘cause they’re talking about slavery! The same jokes every night for all eternity! We’re going to be locked up like wild animals and then trotted out to perform for a bunch of lowbrow, bug-eyed, bad-headed, humor-challenged aliens! Eh, what I’m trying to say is… we need your help!

Macaroni and poison. It’s like mac and cheese, but with a special ingredient.

Track Title: Clair de Lune

Artist: Claude Debussy

Album: Suite Bergamasque


"Clair de Lune" - Claude Debussy


gotta save hyrule, but first let me take a #selfie